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Amersham Funfair

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A brief history of Amersham Charter Fair

The Amersham Charter Fair is a yearly fair steeped in history. The fair was founded in 1200 when King John granted the fair and market to Geoffrey fitzPiers, and has been held yearly ever since.

The fair has been continuously running, and has the right to run every year in the future. Even during World War II, the fair continued, although on a much smaller scale.

In the 20th Century, the fair grew to include side shows and stalls where visitors could win prizes, and since then Irvin Leisure has been on the scene to provide rides both traditional and modern, from the Victorian style Carousel to the more up to date White Knuckle Rides.

So come and enjoy this traditional street fair, presented by George Irvin, one of the oldest funfairs in Britain with great up to date entertainment to add to the history of this fun fair!


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If you have an enquiry about the Amersham Charter Fair, then please get in touch with Irvin Leisure, we will be happy to provide you with any information you need.